Services and rates


We offer consultations and workshops.


The first meeting, usually 30 minutes to an hour, is free.  Our standard rate after that is 80 euro per hour.  There are significant discounts available for artists, under-represented groups, and intriguing problems.

Currently Silvia de Toffoli is based in Berlin, and Luke Wolcott and Alexandra Van Quynh are based in Lisbon.  We are fluent with web-based communication channels like Skype, gchat, or vyew.  You are invited to meet with any or all of us.


Workshops provide an opportunity for a group of people to explore reality through a mathematical lens.  Workshops are customizable but can include, for example:

-- traditional (or untraditional) lectures on relevant or intriguing math topics,

-- so called "mind-blowing" sessions focused on the power and utility of abstraction and


-- hands-on learning-and-working sessions that teach new skills through doing,

-- playful "pondering" workshops based on mathematical techniques for eliciting imaginative, trans-

   rational insights.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, the first step is to discuss and settle on details, during a preliminary meeting that is free of charge.  The standard rate for workshops is 100 euro per hour, with discounts given liberally.