The following are comments from previous clients.

“When I am hosting an un-conference or putting together a workshop, I always consult with Luke at Insight Link. He helps me design strategies to connect people in deep and intense ways - collaborative problem solving, dance, short impromptu talks. People leave the events saying they are magical and inspiring. I value the unique view Luke and his team so effortlessly provide, and highly recommend getting in touch.”

     -- Amelia Greenhall, designer and data scientist in San Francisco

“How do you push people to create new work, and connect writers and illustrators to form a literary fellowship?  When we were creating the Open Review Quarterly, the conversations the publishing team had with Luke helped shape the path that our literary journal has followed in the years since. We've found they are able to absorb ideas we've had laying around for months, and crystallize them quickly. It's amazing to have someone cut through the noise and clearly lay out a multitude of paths and options.”

     -- Michael Ahillen, Editor 

“Luke has an uncanny ability to help people identify the way in which their thoughts and feelings have contributed to their beliefs and attitudes, and to consider alternative ways of perceiving reality.  This allows for incredible insight into the nature of reality and, also, a feeling of empowerment over one’s ability to shape their reality. ... Luke helped me see how my thoughts were contributing to my struggle and then encouraged me to simply watch the thought process unfold.  Through witnessing the thoughts, rather than participating in them, I was able to effectively move forward... in more productive ways.”

     -- John Crowley, Ph.D.

“Silvia is one of the most creative young mathematicians I have ever met. Her culture associated to her capacities for abstraction allow her to imagine not only new and efficient solutions to problems, but also elegant ones. Her long time interest for philosophy and art give her a remarkable broad scope on topics and approaches used by researchers. I have to admit that with such skills, most mathematicians, including me, appear more as technicians than true thinkers compared to her.”

     -- Adrien Nguyen Huu, Ph.D.

“Silvia's passion for the mathematical sciences inspired me to go beyond the numbers and formulae to see the forest for the trees, and although both of us have spent the majority of our adult lives outside our respective home countries, without her advice and inspiration I may never have decided to go abroad in the first place.”

     -- Wade Thorhaug, language teacher